Thursday, April 30, 2015

Test Prep for Standardized Testing

Next week is our annual standardized testing week.  We will give the Terra Nova 3, a nationally normalized test, for all students in grades 2-10.  Our 11/12th grade students take the PSAT and the ACT for comparison.  Our kindergarten/first grade will be doing progress monitoring during the testing window.

In preparation for the test window, please consider the following:

* Make sure your child gets enough sleep
* Encourage students to eat a healthy breakfast - lean proteins and not a lot of sugar
* Pray with your child each morning before school
* Emphasize doing their best and not being stressed out about the test!
* Send a healthy snack and water bottle.
* Consider doing something fun at the end of the week to celebrate finishing the test.

We encourage our students to concentrate, do their best and not stress!  We know the test is a great tool for us to evaluate students and our curriculum, but it doesn't tell us everything about our students and their progress.

As in all things, we want our students to "do everything they do as if for the Lord and not for man" as Colossians 3:23 says.

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