Tuesday, May 19, 2015

20th Anniversary Celebration for TFCA

Last night, we were able to celebrate 20 years of TFCA!

Here are a few pictures:

We had many individuals join us to celebrate!  Thank you to all who came and to those who have made an impact on TFCA throughout the years.  You are appreciated!

Here is the speech I gave last evening in case you were not here:

20th Anniversary Celebration Speech
Thank you so much for being here this evening!  Before we go further, I want to take a minute to thank those who have been faithful to serve the ministry here at TFCA.  If you have served as a teacher, assistant, office staff member or administer, we want to thank you for your service! 
I wanted to take a moment to highlight all the many ways God has been so faithful to TFCA through the years.  I have only been involved directly since 2007 when my oldest started preschool here and I joined the Education Committee.  However, I remember fondly going to have lunch or attending chapel with students in my youth group when TFCA was still meeting in Capital City Church.  It was actually my interaction with some of those first families at TFCA that led my husband and I to consider TFCA for our sons.  We were drawn to the Christian atmosphere.  We stayed here after preschool because of the relationships we developed with teachers, staff and other families.  I firmly believe this family atmosphere is possible because of our shared commitment to Christ.
Since the beginning of TFCA, a desire for Christ-centered, high quality education has been the focus.  As our mission statement says, “The Frankfort Christian Academy partners with Christian Academy partners with Christian parents to provide a Biblically integrated education which equips students to embrace Biblical truth, to strive for academic excellence and to exemplify Christ-like servant-hood in homes, churches, and communities.”
God has been extremely faithful to our school.  From the beginning of the school with our original staff and students, to the over 360 students and 50 staff members we have today, God continues to provide.  Through economically lean years, procuring this building, adding a high school and continuing efforts to expand our facilities, God has brought many servants to partner with our school spiritually and financially.
We have students serving here as teachers that are some of our first students to graduate from our high school.  Other students here are children of former students.  We have a strong legacy here at TFCA.  Students are involved in many extra-curricular activities:  our high school baseball team is in its second year and has won 6/7 games; our high school basketball team won the conference tournament last year.  We have HS/MS soccer, golf, cross country, volleyball, dance team, cheerleading and six different basketball teams.  Academically, our ACT scores are high with a 26 composite average school-wide.  Students have been named National Merit Semi-Finalist and Finalists, been selected for the Governor’s Scholar Program and the Governor’s School for the Performing Arts.  Students regularly compete and win in essay contests, speech meets, spelling bees, music festivals, and Academic team competitions.  In addition to those accolades, every homeroom partners with local, state and international ministries each year to donate money, as well as to serve them.  Some of these have included Sparrow Ministries, children’s hospitals, Mango Tree Mission in Haiti, Food Pantries, L.I.F.E. house, Soup Kitchen, The Stewart Home, Wounded Warrior Project, Animal Shelters, Women’s Shelters, Guatemalan Hope for Tomorrow Orphanage, and more.  Several of our students faithfully serve locally and abroad in missions. 
I could go on all night about the wonderful things our students have done or are doing.  I can equally brag on the amazing commitment of our staff and faculty.  They give sacrificially of their times, talents and financial resources to not only provide a top-notch education, but to minister to students outside the classroom as well.
We have experienced over 10% growth in enrollment over the past three years.  This year promises to again show growth as well.  As we look to 2015-16 school year and beyond, we know we need to add more classrooms.  At our current capacity, we already need four more classrooms for next year, possibly five!  The most recent Capital Campaign has produced the HVAC system addition to fully cool and heat the gymnasium, new science lab and some additional classroom space.  We hope you will join us in praying for these projects, for continued financial provision, for current and new families and students and our faithful staff and board.  If you feel able, please consider partnering with us financially in addition to your prayers.  We have a table near the entrance with information about how you can give.  We have Kroger card community rewards, scholarship assistance for tuition, ministry partnerships with Business Choice or churches.  You can make a one-time donation or monthly gift.

We so appreciate your presence here tonight.  Our theme for this school year has been from Proverbs 28:1, “the wicked flee when no one pursues, but the righteous are a bold as a lion”.  We have woven this theme info everything this year.  We tied it to last year’s theme of Love, Learn, Lead and encouraged students to Love Boldly, Learn Boldly and Lead Boldly.  I want to encourage you tonight to do the same.  Wherever you work, wherever you minister, wherever you live – live in Boldness for Christ.  As it states in 1 Timothy 1:7, “For God has not given us a spirit of fear, but of power and of love and of a sound mind.”

We pray God blesses us with another fabulous 20 years!

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