Wednesday, May 6, 2015

May the Fourth Be With You....

In honor of "Star Wars Day", we let our kindergarten and first grade classes celebrate on Monday.  One of our first grade students wrote me a letter about two months ago and asked if they could have a Star Wars Day on May 4.  At first I was going to say no because we were doing standardized testing this week.  On second thought, I remembered kindergarten and first grade were not participating in our typical standardized testing.  They were doing individual progress monitoring and would enjoy something to do while everyone else was testing.

Our teachers jumped into it and allowed students to dress up.  

Students did character description exercises, used "light sabers" to practice identifying spelling words and word families, use their light sabers to practice following directions with a Jedi Academy and did Star Wars math centers.

The students were extremely excited and enjoyed learning in the Star Wars attire.  Many thanks to our teachers who are always willing to do something out of the ordinary to facilitate learning!

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