Sunday, May 24, 2015

Principal for the Day

On Friday, I had a student who was "Principal for the Day". He had purchased this at our annual auction in the fall. We met earlier and determined what he wanted to do. 

He wanted a crazy, mismatched dress down day. He wanted to host a board meeting with some of his friends. 

They came up with some interesting ideas!

He wanted the entire sixth grade to get recess and Popsicles. Throughout the day, he wanted to play music for the bell changes and have dance time. He also called some friends to the office, including his sister. The last request was to bring his hamster, Reba, to the office. I told him that was fine but I didn't want it loose in my office!!!  

We had a fun day. Chamberlin did a great job. He even brought me a Mt. Dew to start the day!

Kids are already telling me they are bidding on Principal for the Day next year. 

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