Friday, June 19, 2015

Summer Work for Fall

I am sure you are thinking - didn't school just let out for summer?

Well, yes, we have been out two and a half weeks so far.  However, work for next year has been in progress for months.  We have been enrolling students since January.  Budgets were deliberated over, textbook inventories taken, schedules were made.

I am working on professional development sessions for teachers in August, October and November.
We will be working on centers/stations for learning, new History Curriculum school-wide, classroom management, developing better rubrics, writing across the curriculum and more.

Classrooms are being cleaned, floors stripped and waxed and cleaned.  Walls are being painted.

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As much as I want to slow down and enjoy the summer, I also get excited and revved up for the new school year.  I see my teachers pinning lots of ideas on Pinterest and sharing ideas with me. It is exciting to see others always looking for new ways to teach and help students learn.

If you are an educator - what is your favorite thing to do over the summer (besides rest!) to prepare for next fall?

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