Tuesday, June 23, 2015

Testing the Evacuation Plan

Our office staff have often joked about some of the precautions we have put into place "just in case". One of those went from, "we've never had to do that" to "we  used our evacuation plan" today. 

About 9:15 this morning, the fire department came to the school and said everyone had to leave the building. There was a suspicion of a gas leak. The office contacted the school/church across the street and they opened up their fellowship hall for us. Our staff walked all the summer program students over to the school and contacted parents to come pick them all up from there. 

Staff acted quickly, calmly and efficiently. Students had a snack and were led in songs by Mrs. Adams, our music teacher, who was there leading a summer camp. 

We are grateful for parents and their cooperation and support. We are thankful for fire fighters and gas company personnel who worked quickly and are investigating the problem thoroughly. 

We are grateful to our neighbor school, Good Shepherd, for giving shelter to our students. 

We are also grateful to know our evacuation plan works!

Praise God no one was hurt!

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