Wednesday, July 22, 2015

Office ReDo

I am so excited to have an updated space to call my "home" at school!

This summer has been super busy so far and one thing I wanted to do was work on my office space!

I found some great club chairs for opposite my desk:

I found chairs to sit around my small conference table and a new rug to go under the table:

I had the walls painted "intuitive gray" by Sherwin Williams!

I still need a few things on the wall and some curtains for the windows, but all in all, I think it looks nice!

I have small children/students in my office often when I am meeting with new families or parents. I also feel like my own kids are there many extra hours, so I try to keep a corner with books, toys and games for them. 

I have materials all over for PD sessions I am going to lead this August. You can also see schedules and other preparation for fall all over my desk! 

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