Friday, August 28, 2015

Centers in the Elementary Classroom

During our back to school in-service, we did a concentration on incorporating more centers/stations in the elementary classroom.  It is so important to have opportunities for students to practice what they are learning.  It is also vital to incorporate opportunities that meet different learning styles: kinesthetic, auditory, visual, hands-on, etc.  Centers really open the doors for so many possibilities.

In an on-going effort to keep this in front of our teachers, each month during our elementary department meeting we will be featuring different center ideas and actually providing materials for teachers to make new centers.  I will have folders, laminating pouches, markers, cardstock, printouts and more!

We know that teachers' time is valuable and we want to honor their time as much as possible.  If we want to see more of something in the classroom, we have to be purposeful about carving out time for it AND help supply their needs.  Accountability also supports the integration of concepts and practices in the classroom.

I am excited to see how our teachers continue to include these in their classroom!

Here are a few blogs and sites I have found that are extremely helpful!

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