Tuesday, August 4, 2015

It is almost here......

I cannot believe I am still at work because 
TEACHERS start tomorrow!

All day today we have been doing training with New Staff. 

We are finishing putting our building together and organizing temporary, additional classrooms. 

I am finishing prep work for our In-Service tomorrow and plan to walk the halls praying for my faculty and staff before they arrive tomorrow.  

My desk/office certainly is evidence of this work:

See all that paperwork :)

Here are all sorts of goodies I am assembling for a PD session on centers later this week:

Here is my lone car in the parking lot!  I have to get everything finished, or I will never sleep tonight!

I am anxious for my staff to return and get excited for this new, amazing school year!

I cannot wait to share all the great things we have in store and that God has been doing in preparation for this year!

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