Monday, August 10, 2015

Professional Development Sessions

We have kicked off the new school year with several great sessions!

Mrs. Woodruff led two different Classroom Management sessions for teachers about setting up their classrooms, teaching procedures, managing group work and classroom behavior expectations.

Mrs. Elly Gilbert, our high school English teacher, led a Writing Session for all of our MS/HS teachers.

Mrs. Margaret Bevins, one of our 3rd grade teachers, led a writing session for our elementary teachers.  They focused on imbedding grammar and mechanics lessons in the writing lessons and other great writing tips and skills.

Mrs. Noble, one of our kindergarten teachers, led a session for elementary teachers on designing rubrics and they made several they will use over and over again.

I led a session on utilizing more centers in the elementary classroom.  I had many examples set up for teachers to see.  We also spent about 2.5 hours making different components of centers.  We had craft sticks for Kaboom center, Reading/Math Power towers, Jenga for math and reading centers,  laminating and more.  It was a practical, hands-on application format.

It is exciting to hear the plans being made for this year and see the excitement teachers have for their preparation!

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