Sunday, September 27, 2015

Quote of the Week

I believe this quote speaks for itself.  In order to REALLY learn, students must DO.  Practice, repetition, putting thoughts into action, applying instruction all go together to help a student truly learn. 

By learn, I do not mean memorize and regurgitate information for a test.  I mean REALLY learn. 

Aiding students in connecting information to real-life use and importance helps them learn.

Having them build 3-d models of science vocabulary and math concepts helps them make connections that last.

Reading a variety of genres and then analyzing them through their perspective and Christian worldview helps them make sense of the world and better understand it. 

Worksheets are fine occasionally for practice, but they do not need to be the main form of work, especially for elementary students!

Thursday, September 24, 2015

Drive In Movie

We are hosting our second annual Family Drive In Movie night at our school tomorrow evening. Below you will see the results of their votes!

We will have free popcorn and the KONA ice truck will be there for families to purchase ice treats!

We allowed all of our students to vote on their movie of choice through their homerooms.  

Come out and join us tomorrow evening beginning at 6:30 pm in the west parking lot.  Bring your camping chairs or blankets, a snack or drink and come ready to fellowship with other families and watch the movie HOME.

Wednesday, September 23, 2015

See You at the Pole

Today, we joined students across the United States in praying around our flagpole. 

All of our elementary students prayed together in their homerooms and then our middle school/high school students joined together for prayer a little later. 

We prayed for:
Our school, the students and their families
Our community, other schools, our elected officials, our churches
Our emergency responders and their safety
Our state, our Governor, our elected officials, our laws and freedoms
Our nation, our President and elected officials, our Supreme Court, our military
Our world, leaders of other countries, missionaries around the world sharing the gospel, Christians around the world being persecuted

It was such a heartwarming experience to walk around praying with students and listening to their heartfelt words of praise and petition to God.

Thank you to the parents that joined us!

Thursday, September 17, 2015

Parent Teacher Conferences

Next week, we have a day set aside for parent-teacher conferences. Our teachers prepare information for these meetings. They share progress on academic standards, classroom performance, and behavior. 

I wanted to share some tips for parents as they prepare for conferences:

1- Make a List - What questions do you have? What concerns have you had for this school year?

2- Think about Curriculum- What questions do you have about math work? What do you want to know about spelling? Reading? Biblical philosophy and integration?

3- Be on Time - when one conference gets behind, it has a domino effect on all the conferences

4-Turn off Your Phone- be fully present during that meeting

5-Remember You Are on the Same Team- it is not the parent vs. the teacher but everyone working together to help our students successfully grow academically, spiritually, mentally and emotionally

6- Pray before and during the conference- I cannot stress this enough!

7- Follow-up- if there are items you and the teacher agree to work on, follow up with them a few weeks after the conference and let them know what you are doing at home and what you are seeing/hearing from your student

I hope you have a conference scheduled with your teacher(s). If not, schedule one today. We have a link on our website 

Tuesday, September 8, 2015

Quote of the Week - Silence is Golden

I do this!!! Sometimes people mistake it as if I agree with them - but I don't think it's important for me to give my opinion and silence is better. KR:

In our culture today, anything and everything we say and do is on display.  You never know when someone is taking your photograph, videotaping you,
using a drone, taking a screenshot of your text conversation, etc.

Often, we feel the need to give our opinion on EVERYTHING.  Truthfully, I listen most to those who speak less.  I have learned that when they speak, it is
typically important and their words well-chosen and composed.

Why don't we choose to be a people that relies more on God's word than our own?

Why don't we choose to be a people that are truly "quick to listen, slow to speak and
slow to become angry" as James 1:19 encourages us to be?

Why don't we choose to simply LISTEN and be still rather than shout and stomp our feet?

Why don't we choose to let our actions truly speak louder than our words?

Let me challenge you-- take an opportunity to remain silent today. Pray instead. Ask God to guide you and know when to speak and when to take a stand.