Thursday, September 17, 2015

Parent Teacher Conferences

Next week, we have a day set aside for parent-teacher conferences. Our teachers prepare information for these meetings. They share progress on academic standards, classroom performance, and behavior. 

I wanted to share some tips for parents as they prepare for conferences:

1- Make a List - What questions do you have? What concerns have you had for this school year?

2- Think about Curriculum- What questions do you have about math work? What do you want to know about spelling? Reading? Biblical philosophy and integration?

3- Be on Time - when one conference gets behind, it has a domino effect on all the conferences

4-Turn off Your Phone- be fully present during that meeting

5-Remember You Are on the Same Team- it is not the parent vs. the teacher but everyone working together to help our students successfully grow academically, spiritually, mentally and emotionally

6- Pray before and during the conference- I cannot stress this enough!

7- Follow-up- if there are items you and the teacher agree to work on, follow up with them a few weeks after the conference and let them know what you are doing at home and what you are seeing/hearing from your student

I hope you have a conference scheduled with your teacher(s). If not, schedule one today. We have a link on our website 

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