Wednesday, September 23, 2015

See You at the Pole

Today, we joined students across the United States in praying around our flagpole. 

All of our elementary students prayed together in their homerooms and then our middle school/high school students joined together for prayer a little later. 

We prayed for:
Our school, the students and their families
Our community, other schools, our elected officials, our churches
Our emergency responders and their safety
Our state, our Governor, our elected officials, our laws and freedoms
Our nation, our President and elected officials, our Supreme Court, our military
Our world, leaders of other countries, missionaries around the world sharing the gospel, Christians around the world being persecuted

It was such a heartwarming experience to walk around praying with students and listening to their heartfelt words of praise and petition to God.

Thank you to the parents that joined us!

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