Thursday, October 1, 2015

Spotlight on First Grade

While roaming my hallways at our school this week, I have seen so many wonderful examples of learning taking place.  I was excited to see what the first graders were learning and doing. 

Their theme right now is US symbols.  They have been studying patriotic symbols and their meaning.

Yesterday, they were watching a live webcam of an eagles' nest with two eagles, Romeo and Juliet.  They have learned all types of facts about eagles and made charts about them.  They even called me in my office today to tell me the eagles were back in their nest.  (They weren't in there when I was in their room yesterday!)

They are also learning about our flag, what the stripes and colors mean and what the stars symbolize.

I also saw evidence of center organization, math work and phonics work.

Keep up the good work, first grade!

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