Monday, October 31, 2016

Charlotte's Web Day in 2nd Grade

Monday was Charlotte's Web Day in Second Grade.

Our students have read the book and were able to dress up as one of the characters from the book today for school.  They played Charlotte's Web jeopardy, "I Have, Who Has" with questions from the book, and blew baby spiders across the room to represent the baby spiders "ballooning" and leaving the web.

Students wrote about their favorite chapter from the book and illustrated their writing. 

They even had a real "Wilbur" come visit the classrooms.  Our own Mrs. Adams has a baby pig she brought in for the students to see.

The students paraded through the office to show us their costumes.  I saw several Templetons, Charlotte, Wilburs, sheep and Fern.  

The day was capped off with "Wilbur" cupcakes made my Mrs. Cull.

Operation Christmas Child Suggestions

We are so excited to sponsor Operation Christmas Child boxes through Samaritan's Purse again this year.  Our school coordinator, Marlene Kehrer, has done a fabulous job organizing this endeavor.  We have watched informative videos during weekly chapel services, set a goal for how many boxes to fill and plan to have a celebration on November 16 when the boxes are turned back in to the school.

If you have never packed a box before, or need some new ideas, here is a list to consider:

$7 per box for shipping (we pay for ours online so we can track where it goes!)
small toys -bouncy balls, yo-yos, jacks,
matchbox cars
jump rope
sidewalk chalk
hard candy (double bagged in ziploc bags)
soap (double bagged)
hair barettes, rubber bands, headbands
flip flops
small paper pad
colored pencils
sewing kit
fishing kit with hooks and fishing line
small flashlight (solar powered)
deck of cards
travel size games
small barbie doll/clothes

For more ideas, go to