Monday, November 7, 2016

Fall Retreat

Each year, we take our middle school and high school students on a "Fall Retreat".  The focus is on fellowship within our student body, bible study, reflection and worship.  The past few years we have journeyed over to Crossings at Cedarmore in Bagdad, Kentucky.  The camp is situated on several hundred beautiful acres of rolling hills.  The lakes are serene and the recreation area is perfect for hosting 140+ middle and high school students.  They can play basketball, ga-ga ball, 9 square, volleyball, soccer and more all in adjacent areas. 

Our theme this year was centered around Redemption.  John Nix, of Vertical Purpose Ministries, (, was our pastor for the retreat.  He focused on preaching from the book of Hosea in the Old Testament.  He did a fabulous job preaching, as well as meeting individually with parents and high school students. 

Three college students, Logan Carver, Braden Burford and Mac Price, came and led our worship.  Logan and Braden are recent graduates of TFCA.  The students listed this as one of their favorite parts of retreat - the worship!

Another favorite is bazooka ball - students use "markers" similar to paintball guns.  They use small, nerf balls about the size of golf balls.  Middle school students play one another, then high school and then the parents and faculty get a turn!

Each year, I enjoy getting to spend time away from school really talking to some of our students and parents.  Being in a relaxed environment and able to connect in our small groups (homerooms) is a blessing. 

One of the items Mr. Nix focused on with parents was the idea that we are all making disciples as we parent.  As we guide and direct our children, we want to point them constantly toward God's word.  Fostering a love for reading the Bible and applying his truth has to be a focus for us as Christian parents.  He gave some practical advice for incorporating discipleship in our home!

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