Monday, November 14, 2016

What I am Reading......

Our Board of Directors is currently reading through a book, Rethinking Sustainability:  A Strategic Model for Christian Schools by Alan Pue.

I have read through this book once already, as it was/is a requirement for my courses through ACSI Leadership University.  Now that it is highlighted and underlined and starred, I am re-reading it again and looking for themes, important items to discuss in our monthly board meetings and items we can use to directly impact the financial stability and vision for our school.

Right now, we are discussing current paradigms that exist within the Christian school at-large and specifically in our school.  We are also examining biblical principles that need to be applied when examining finances at our school.

I really enjoy the way this book forces me to think, to examine pre-supposed principles regarding financial decisions.

One question he posed is, "Do we want to make Christian education accessible or affordable?" and that really resonates with me.  For me, the choice to educate my children at a private, Christian school requires dedication and sacrifice.  Every family has to decide what that looks like for them, what it requires.

I want to value my faculty and staff.  I want to retain dedicated and committed individuals.  I want to provide high-quality professional development for them to continue to grow, expand their practice of educating our students, learn more about specific subject matter.  We want to provide "out of the box" opportunities for our students.  All of these requirements have to be properly funded.

Our board brings much thought, expertise and prayer to each decision we make for the school.  I am excited to see how we grow and learn together through this study.  I am also excited to see how we continue to lean on God's provision!

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