Wednesday, December 7, 2016

Creative Schools

I am currently reading several books. One of them is by Ken Robinson, Ph.D. entitled, Creative Schools:  The Grassroots Revolution That's Transforming Education.  It is a fabulous book and it seeks to question that mentality of "doing what we've always done", without first examining why we do it that way and if it is actually working.

As I have delved into the book, I have found myself exploding with ideas, not necessarily of how our school does something wrong, but how we might capitalize on practices and ideas we have already put into place and make them better.

As a private school, we have to maintain standards and have academic accountability just like any school.  However, we also have the autonomy to make that accountability MAKE MORE SENSE.

We have to begin with the end in sight - what do we truly want graduates of our school to look like?  Working backwards from that, what does that mean for 8th grade?  4th grade?  Kindergarten?

How do we engage our students without stifling their creativity and natural-born instincts and passions?  How do we encourage problem-solving skills, application of knowledge and build a firm foundation of academic principles in new and different ways?

How do we authentically look for methods of student presentation and assessment that combines technology, 21st century skills and Christ-centered values in our school?

As I wrestle with so many thoughts and ideas, I find myself getting excited, not frustrated.  Our future, the future of our students and the heart of our community is dependent upon their education now.  We have the opportunity to "develop future generations of Christian leaders" as they grow to vocationally serve in ministry, engineering, education, medical field, business and more.

I cannot wait to see what the Lord has in store, not only for me, but for our school and our students!

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