Tuesday, January 12, 2016

Brrrrr.......Snowy days are here

We have finally been reintroduced to Old Man Winter. Today brought us snow squalls, blowing and blinding snow, 30 mph winds, along with a drastic temperature drop. 

As much as I enjoy a great snow day to be home with my kids, read a great book and play games, we also want to protect instructional days when we are able. I am often asked how we make the decision to close or delay school due to inclement weather. Here is some insight into how the decision is made:

1- I study the weather forecasts, follow several local weather blogs and pay attention to temperatures and timing. 

2- Our school has students and staff that represent seven different counties and communities. We do not just pay attention to Frankfort weather, but other areas as well. 

3- Typically, on the morning of the weather event, I get up between 4:45-5:15 and check road conditions listed by KYTC, weather closings for other schools and see what our area meteorologists are  continuing to predict. 

4- I confer with the company that clears our parking lot to determine conditions on and around the school property. 

5- If at all possible, we have school. We do not have to consider buses or children standing outside at bus stops in below zero windchill temps. When the roads seem a little rough, but manageable, we will often utilize the one or even two hour delay. This enables us to still have the majority of our day (and parents to work most of their day) and allows the sun to come out for better visibility and warmth. It also enables road crews to have time to adequately treat at least major roads. 

6- As with any decisions made regarding our school and the safety of our students and staff, I pray.  I ask God for wisdom, guidance and discernment. 

We strive to make any decision by 6 am so that parents and staff have time to make alternate arrangements necessary. 

How do we communicate delays or cancellations?

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• Email
• Local news stations - WLEX, WKYT
• Website
• Twitter - @tfcaroyals and @TfcaPrincipal

Above all, our parents have to decide what is truly best for their family. They know their roads and their neighborhoods and must make the decision to come a little later or stay home when warranted by travel conditions. 

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