Monday, March 14, 2016

Happy Pi Day

We are showing students that math CAN be fun!

There are six stations set up around the school including:

Station 1 – Pi Day Pennants (MS/HS); Pi-Ku (haiku) poem (elementary/MS)

Station 2 – Circle Objects Circumference activity (all)


Station 3 – Radius/Volume of Balls (MS/HS) or Pi Day Bracelets (elementary) 

Station 4 – Dessert Circumference (all)

Station 5 – Pi City (graphing) K-2nd(wider graphing paper horizontal) 3rd-12th smaller graphing paper vertical

Station 6 – Pizza Pi (MS/HS) and Book Center (elementary)

I snapped a few pictures of students enjoying the stations this morning. 

It has been fun to see students enjoying the math activities!

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