Wednesday, August 24, 2016

Helping Students Use Their Planners

This week during advisory homeroom period, we are focusing on study skills: using your planners.

I recorded two separate videos using (GREAT website).

Here is the middle school one:

Here is the high school one:

It is so important for students to learn an organizational system that works for them!  We really encourage our parents to let their middle school students become independent.  Let them be responsible for turning in their work, following up on assignments, even checking their grades and homework on Renweb.  

As parents, here are some ways you can help your child:

* Have a family meeting once a week, (Sunday night is a great night!), where you all get out your calendars.  Help your child not only look at what homework, tests and projects they may have due, but also look at extra-curriculars.  They need to learn that life is about balance.  If you know you have a test on Friday, but Thursday night is gymnastics or soccer night, they should study before Thursday night!

* Help your child develop a system for not only doing their work, but turning it in to the teacher.  Teachers cannot grade work that is at home or in their locker!  Whether they mark through it in their agenda book or put a check mark beside it, have a way to determine they actually turned it in on time.

* Help them break big assignments or studying for tests into smaller, more manageable chunks.  For example, if they have a presentation to do for class, do the research first.  Then make an outline of what they want to include in their power point or poster.  Assemble the presentation. Finally, practice giving their presentation.  This helps them not feel so overwhelmed and avoids waiting until the last minute.

* Urge them to write in their agenda/planner every class period, even if it is to write "no homework".  This makes writing in there a habit.

* Help them set up their own student account through ParentsWeb so they can take responsibility for checking homework that is posted and look at their grades.  

We all want to aid our students in becoming independent, responsible young adults.  These are life skills they need to succeed as adults in college and/or careers.  Your guidance now and allowing your child room to make some mistakes will be invaluable to them later in life!

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