Thursday, April 23, 2015

Caught in the Act

I LOVE catching my teachers in the act of doing wonderful lessons with their students.

This week, our transitional and regular kindergarten classes have paired up with our second and third grade classes to do writing lessons.

Mrs. Bevins' and Ms. Shepherd partnered with Mrs. Boyd and Mrs. Stout to do a writing workshop utilizing Legos.  The students designed a scene and wrote about it utilizing  pre-writing, writing, editing and revision. The students then were able to "present" their writing for the class. Here are a few pictures from their collaboration:

Under Construction and Looking for Parts

Assembly underway
A finished product and writing taking place

Another finished product

A few students doing their "presentation" of their work

Students are so proud of their work.  The third graders really enjoy working with the younger students and the younger students THRIVE with the attention of the older students.  Group behavior expectations are modeled, technology is used with the use of iPads and students are able to create original work and "publish" it for others to enjoy.  

Way to go third grade and kindergarten!

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