Tuesday, May 26, 2015

Amazing Race: Algebra Edition

One of our MS/HS teacher, Mrs. Barnes, has developed a different method for reviewing information for students before finals.  She created a spin-off of the popular reality show, The Amazing Race, where students have to solve engineering/physics style challenges, complete math problems and then unlock a clue to the next station.  The first team to solve all the problems and get all the clues, wins.

This was the second year for the race.  Students and parent volunteers look forward to it!  They love the fun of the challenge, but really connect the review of the math content as well.

This year the race was held last Friday and consisted of stops all around the downtown area of our town.  We had 42 students participating.
Students gathering at the Floral Clock before starting the race.

Solving a clue!

Another stop along the way

Celebrating the end of the race with lunch downtown

The winners received extra credit points on their final exams!  Way to go students and a big shout out to Mrs. Barnes for the creative final review!

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