Friday, May 8, 2015

An Evening of Art

Here at TFCA we have been blessed with a fabulous art program.  Our Art teacher, Mrs. Cole, her assistant, Mrs. Hutcherson along with our Music teacher, Mrs. Adams, have put together an amazing display of visual and musical art performances each year in the spring.  Students work diligently all year preparing their visual art pieces.  Our praise band, chorus and individual students prepare vocal and instrumental pieces to perform.

Below is a sample of some student pieces:

We had an amazing turnout of families and students at the art show.

There were many different drawings, paintings and creations honoring our school mascot and yearly theme -
Being Bold as Lions.

Interesting creations inspired by the artist identified on the poster.

These paintings "Flanders Field" were inspired by the artist below.

Paintings by some of our older students.

These were some of my favorites because of all the vibrant colors!

These are favorites of mine each year.  Students in Art I do these ceiling tiles.  They paint the covers of favorite children's books.  Then these are put up in place of blank ceiling tiles in the library.  It is wonderful to walk in and see student work displayed and it adds to the atmosphere of our library!

Glass work done by students: Above is different pieces with patterns mod-podged to the glass. 

Students were able to participate in a glass art workshop with an artist that came to our school.

Students in 4th grade painted roosters and chickens.

Our praise team led several songs in the chapel area.  Individual students played the piano and the chorus sang.

Parents and students were able to participate in a variety of art workshops to create a piece of art to take home.

It was fabulous to see all the student art creations on display!

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